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Why Lease a Lincoln? | Sugar Land, TX

Why Lease Your Lincoln?


Once you’ve walked the lot at West Point Lincoln of Sugarland and fallen in love with the Lincoln of your dreams, all that’s left is do decide how to pay for it. Depending on your needs, you may find that the flexibility and affordability of a lease is your best bet. Lincoln even sweetens the deal with some add-ons to make the process even better.


Why Lease?


Leasing comes with a number of appealing traits. To begin with, it means that you can leave any fear of missing out on the newest entertainment and safety features in the rearview mirror since you’ll be able to roll into a brand new model every few years. That perk comes with a lower price tag, too, as leasing payments are typically less than the monthly payments you’d make on a loan. You’re likely to save money on maintenance as well, since leased vehicles are usually covered by the manufacturer’s full warranty for most, if not all, of the time you’ll drive it.


Lincoln Sweetens the Deal


Leave it to Lincoln to take a good deal and make it even better. That’s precisely what they do with their Red Carpet Leases. They start by giving you a phenomenal amount of flexibility in how you shape your lease. You can select the length of your term — including common options like 24 and 36 months — and you can negotiate the mileage cap to find one that perfectly fits your lifestyle. In case of theft or an accident that destroys the vehicle, Lincoln has got your back with complimentary gap insurance.


At the end of your lease, Lincoln wants to make sure that you’re still completely satisfied. If you can’t bear to part with your ride, you can purchase it or renew into a brand new model. If you do roll into a new Lincoln, the dealership may even waive disposition fees and any wear and use charges incurred over the course of the lease.


Between the flexibility of a lease and the way that Lincoln takes the process to another level of convenience, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal. To kick things off or learn more about leasing, visit us here at West Point Lincoln of Sugarland.

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